Castle Alarms


Conventional Systems

Conventional Fire PanelFrom shops & offices to medium sized buildings, warehouses and factories, conventional fire alarm systems are a cost effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting & warning of fire. Numerous detectors can be installed on zones, detectors which trigger the fire alarm control panel indicate which zone has been triggered, giving you or the fire brigade an indication of the area of activation.

We can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on your site or install communicators which are monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services.

Addressable Systems

Addressable Fire PanelThis type of fire system is state of the art & is highly intelligent. If a detector is triggered it gives a text read out of exactly where this unit is e.g. “smoke detector room 16 1st floor”. The main advantage of this system is for large buildings where a detector on a conventional zone may take some time to find. Some examples of where addressable systems are used are:

As well as giving an exact point of trigger various other options are available including:

Remote Monitoring

Custodian call centreHaving the right fire alarm in place is your 1st priority, but great consideration should be given to the response of an alarm out of working hours. For a small fee we can connect your fire alarm system to the renowned BT Red CARE networking or digital communicators, this will ensure that the Fire Brigade or a 3rd party is contacted at all times helping prevent a catastrophe happening when your building is empty or confusion is caused during a fire (it is quite common for the fire brigade to not be contacted thinking some else must have phoned 999?)